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Waukesha train freaks out residents

This was in my Facebook feed from the Waukesha Freeman newspaper. I though it was funny how stupid people can be... 1crazy 1crazy 1crazy

"The locomotive with the horn that sounded like a tornado siren to some, has been taken off the tracks and will no longer be startling Waukesha residents at night.
Brian D. Jansen, Emergency Communications Center supervisor for the Waukesha Police Department, said he received a call from the CN Railroad police and they have “confirmed that the locomotive in question has a mechanical problem with a turbo charger clutch, which was causing the ‘tornado siren’ noise. This locomotive has been taken out of service for repairs.”
On Monday and Tuesday nights, Waukesha residents reported hearing an odd sound that some said reminded them of a tornado siren.
On his Facebook page Thursday, Mayor Shawn Reilly wrote that “hopefully this is the end of the mystery siren noises at night. The good news is that our tornado sirens were not hacked as many people believed.”"
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